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Not Just Olive Oil - Laleli Olive Oil

Dengan nama Allah Yang Maha Pengasih lagi Maha Penyayang
serta selawat dan salam kepada Junjungan Besar Nabi Muhammad SAW
serta ahli keluarganya.

Who is behind Laleli?
Dr Yahya Laleli, founder of Laleli Olive Oil, is a physician and a Muslim who contributes financially to many Muslim organisations, especially those involved in providing and improving education. 

The Founder's Profile
An undisputable lover of olive oil. A medical doctor. A research scientist. An academician. An internationally-renowned expert in nuclear medicine and radiobiology. An education philanthropist. The aforesaid describes in a nutshell the founder of Laleli brand of olive oil, Dr. Yahya R. Laleli.

Dr. Laleli was trained as a medical doctor in Istanbul, Turkey and later specialised in biochemistry, nuclear medicine and radiobiology at John Hopkin's Hospital, Baltimore, USA. There, he taught and researched in nuclear medicine. Apart from lecturing medical students, Dr. Laleli was a consultant for the Istanbul International Hospital and Turkish Ministry of Health.

Dr. Laleli was conferred two professorships in Biochemistry and Nuclear medicine. To date, he has over 50 international publications used by academicians. Dr. Laleli is widely acclaimed as a pioneer expert for his significant contributions to the advancement of Nuclear medicine and Radioimmunoassay studies in Turkey. He is the founder and director of both Duzen Laboratories Group specialising in clinical diagnostic tests, research, control and development and environmental laboratory.

Since retirement from the universities, Dr. Laleli is exceptionally active and fully devoted to the relentless research to produce the best olive oil and pro bono contributions to the society. Dr. Laleli is an active member (anf Founding Member) of many international and Turkish scientific and medical associations involved in clinical research if disease control and preventions. He also sits on the board of Education Foundation aimed at promoting the standard of education in Turkey. - Anonymous.

With a solid reputation as this, and because of his contributions and acts of generosity, it is hoped that the oil produced by Dr. Yahya is more baroqah and therefore is more potent. This is of major importance, to me at least, that the producer or the person behind the source of my remedies and ingredients I use are of good character and possess noble intentions. What more when the entity is highly regarded in terms of it's sanctity. I use olive oil to treat spiritual problems and prescribe it to my patients as a remedy, not merely as a supplement, and Laleli Olive Oil serves this purpose perfectly. 

What is the difference with Laleli Olive Oil?

  • Laleli Olive Oil comes from olives grown in Edremit Bay, a region well-known for producing one of the best olives in the world. 
  • Dr. Yahya grows, processes and bottles olives and it's produce himself. Many brands of olive oil may not be their own , they merely import and re-pack the oil. 
  • Dr. Yahya prefers to use fruits from the early harvest. These fruits contain less oil but a higher antioxidant content. 
  • To keep the antioxidant properties as high as possible, olives are picked early, usually in October or November, because as olives mature, the level of antioxidants decreases. 
  • The fruits are hand-picked; those fallen on the ground are not used as the taste becomes earthy and unpleasant. He scrupulously avoids using any damaged olives that could spoil the taste of superior extra virgin olive oil. The olives are picked at night, while the olives are cool, and then they are processed immediately to avoid fermentation and oxidation from occurring.
  • Olives are processed within 24 hours to minimise oxidation.
  • Cold-pressing is applied at less than 37 degrees Celsius, and to retain maximum flavour, Dr. Yahya doesn't filter his oil. He allows it to gradually settle to the bottom of the storage tanks. The resulting oil is transported by gravity for bottling because pumping can damage the delicacy of the oil. 
  • Extra virgin oils are packed in beautiful dark bottles to reduce oxidation. The cork used on the "Selection" variety is of very good quality and doesn't disintegrate.
  • Products and processes are subject to the highest standards of hygiene, quality control and laboratory analysis, and surpass standards defined by the International Olive Oil Council. Some of his products have bagged more than 13 international awards over the years.
  • The quality of extra virgin olive oil is quantitatively determined by the level of free fatty acids, peroxide and vitamin E in the oil. In the case of olive oil, to be labelled "extra virgin" it cannot contain more than 1% free fatty acids (oleic acid). The highest level of oleic acid in Laleli's product is only 0.7% (Ancient) and Laleli states these levels on their labels, something many if not most of other producers do not do.
  • Laleli extra virgin olive oils have all the characteristics of superior quality oil in terms of colour (greenish), taste (mild bitter, pungent with the distinct taste and smell of the olive fruit) and rich. Many olive oils I've tasted are bland, flat or earthy and doesn't leave any sensation at the throat.
  • Laleli is certified "halal" by the Turkish religious authority.

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